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We Provide the Following Family Dentistry Services:

Dr. James Gary Pratt, DDS and Staff - Family Dentistry serving Topeka KS

  • PREVENTIVE HYGIENE-Regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, check-ups and education make strong healthy teeth for your whole family. Dental hygiene requires a life time of attention. Rx fluoride available through our office.
  • SEALANTS-Sealants are a proven way to help prevent tooth decay. Sealants coat the deep grooves in back teeth, preventing bacteria from starting a cavity.
  • COSMETIC WHITENING-Cosmetic bonding restores chipped or damaged teeth with white filling or porcelain. We'll evaluate your situation and make a studied recommendation.
  • BLEACHING-Bleaching teeth can brighten smiles in many cases. These include yellow teeth and mild tetracycline stains.
  • FILLINGS-From silver amalgam to white "tooth colored" fillings we offer the latest materials and techniques to save your tooth once a cavity is spotted.
  • CROWNS AND BRIDGES-Crowns and Bridges mean a strong bite again to missing teeth. We use a variety of materials including porcelain, gold and nonprecious metals.
  • PARTIALS AND DENTURES-When missing teeth need replacement, removable prostheses can make a world of difference. We offer careful fitting and state of the art construction for maximum comfort and aesthetics.
  • EMERGENCIES-Accidents happen, we are available to you as needed.
  • PERIODONTAL THERAPY-We offer therapy for bleeding gums and bone loss. Due to recent advancements, many causes can now be treated successfully without surgery.
  • MOUTH GUARDS/NIGHT GUARDS-A variety of custom protective guards are available to prevent damage to teeth during sports. Other types of guards are available that help with grinding and clenching teeth at night.


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